Advantage Capital Advisors  

Advantage Capital Advisors manages custom investment solutions for a broad base of clients including entertainment professionals, athletes, entrepreneurs, executives, and various institutions.

Balanced Fund Allocation Strategy

We offer diversified allocation models of professionally managed portfolios in the same process that we have utilized with success for over 17 years.

Passive Index / ETF Allocation Strategy

Our diversified allocation models are also available utilizing passive index funds and ETF's resulting in low-cost, market efficient portfolios.

Equity Portfolio Management

We offer individually managed portfolios of blue chip equities with a focus on stable dividends for clients seeking stable growth and current income in today's low-interest-rate environment.

Investment Management Consulting

We provide research, selection and monitoring / oversight of outside managers, separately managed accounts to provide individual cost basis and tax advantages.

Tax-Free Municipal Bonds

We provide laddered municipal bond portfolios for tax-advantaged current income or zero-coupon bonds.

401(k) Plan Implementation and Advisory

We consult to corporations and advise on 401(k) plan replacements, new plans, and fund analysis within existing plans.