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About Us

We are a Registered Investment Advisor based in Los Angeles, California managing investment assets for executives, entrepreneurs, celebrities, athletes and families.

Our Primary Purpose

Our model is to utilize every possible advantage to assist our clients in achieving their financial objectives. To do this we source opportunities that address specific client needs, including:

  • Diversified Wealth Management
  • Structural Financial Planning
  • PPLI / PPVA Investment Accounts
  • Tax-Free and Tax-Deferred Investing
  • Downside-Protected Investment Accounts
  • Commission-Free Life Insurance and Annuities
  • 1031 Exchange Funds
  • Tax-Advantaged Retirement Income
  • Alternative Investments

We Are Independent

As fully independent investment advisors, we are not allied with any investment product or service. We work exclusively for the benefit of our clients. We care deeply about helping our investors achieve their goals, and endeavor to provide them with the highest-quality service and guidance.

We Have a Fiduciary Responsibility

We are a Registered Investment Adviser, and thus we have a legal, fiduciary duty to put our clients' interests first. We always act in the best interests of our clients.

We Are Collaborative

Our process is to work together with you to address your financial needs and issues. We do not sell any financial product, rather we provide independent, conflict-free advice to help move you toward your goals.

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