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Advantage Capital Advisors provides custom investment solutions for a broad base of clients including executives, entertainment professionals, athletes, entrepreneurs, and various institutions.

Our mission is to help our clients move toward their long-term financial goals. We offer strategies for savings, growth, income, protection, philanthropy, and wealth transfer.  At every step, we utilize our experience and resources to gain maximum effect.

Tax Advantaged Investing

ACA specializes in Tax-Free and Tax-Deferred Investing in fully diversified portfolios, across all categories including Equities, Fixed Income, Mutual Funds, ETF's, Hedge Funds, Real Estate Funds, and Alternative Investments.

Structural Financial Planning

We source a variety of financial solutions that provide asset protection and can reduce or eliminate income taxes, capital gains taxes, and estate taxes. The greatest impact on your future may be how your assets are held for tax purposes and for liability protection purposes.

Strategies that defer or reduce taxes have a major impact on your bottom line. You worked hard to get here, and your financial plan must be equally responsive in protecting what you’ve built.

As you diversify your assets among cash, stock, bonds, alternative investments, and real estate, we also believe in diversifying your assets from a tax perspective. Generational planning, pension plans, and deferred compensation plans empower you to remain flexible, responding to changes in tax codes and protecting your retirement irrespective of these changes.

PPLI / PPVA Tax-Advantaged Accounts

Private Placement investment accounts provide tax-free growth of assets along with broad diversification and flexibility.

Downside-Protected Investment Accounts

Growing your assets in very important for your financial future.  Protecting and maintaining value that you have earned is equally important.  ACA offers account structures that can limit or entirely eliminate exposure to downside risk in the stock market, while still participating in the upside potential of your portfolio.

Commission-Free Life Insurance

ACA provides multiple strategies for protecting and preserving your wealth. Wherever you are in life’s journey, it is important to understand the impact of sudden changes. 

We can perform a comprehensive analysis of your insurance needs and a full audit of your existing insurance portfolio. We will ensure you have the proper coverage and asset protection structures in place, and determine if cost savings are possible. 

We work closely with insurance specialists to provide an independent and objective evaluation of your risk management program. These include an opportunity to purchase life insurance and annuities without commissions, resulting in far higher value for the policyholder.

1031 Exchange Funds

1031 Exchanges defer or eliminate the tax on gains from selling investment real estate. The funds provide readily accessible replacement properties.

Fund Allocation Strategies

ACA was built on successful investment management.  Our proven process begins with you - understanding every aspect of your situation, identifying short and long-term objectives,  time horizons, and your level of risk tolerance.  From there we construct portfolios tailored to your needs, utilizing the same investment process that we have managed with success for over 18 years. With access to a variety of top performing money managers and funds, we utilize cutting-edge technology and a deep pool of intellectual capital to achieve superior results

In an effort to defend your wealth, we employ tax-advantaged strategies and alternative investment strategies that complement your foundation of core stock and bond portfolios.

Alternative Investments

We offer exposure to asset categories that are non-correlated to the US stock market via hedge funds, private equity funds, real estate funds, credit funds and other alternative strategies. These are provided in both a "Fund of Funds" model and "Custom Allocation" model.

Equity Portfolio Management

We offer individually managed portfolios of blue chip equities with a focus on sustainable dividends for clients seeking stable growth and current income in today's low-interest-rate environment.

Tax-Free Municipal Bonds

We provide laddered municipal bond portfolios for tax-advantaged current income or zero-coupon bonds.

401(k) Plan Implementation and Advisory

We consult to corporations and advise on 401(k) plan replacements, new plans, and fund analysis within existing plans.

For more information about our firm and the services we offer, send us a quick email or call the office. We would welcome the opportunity to speak with you.   |  310-612-9552